2018 travel Plans

2017 has been a year of little foreign travel for me. I’ve had a much more important task which has been to sell my house to HS2. As you can imagine this has been a time consuming, emotionally draining and exhaustive task, but it is nearly done and I am very happy to be moving on and away from the situation and get back to my travelling ways. I do have to admit my year has not been sans travel. I have been to Seville, Malaga, and Disneyland Paris, also I have had a few days camping and the peaks and numerous days out!

So 2018 is shaping up nicely at the moment. I have a few holidays planned and I hope I can be able to make my dream of travelling for all 13 weeks of my holiday time. I get 13 weeks as I work in a school. The downsides to which are travel is always that little bit for expensive but sometimes you manage to find a few deals.


My first adventure in 2018 is our annual Christmas and New Year holiday. It’s fantastic to start your year in another country. Since I returned from working abroad my family have always been out of the country to celebrate the Christmas period and I would never let it seis. There is nothing better than getting away from the Christmas Day stresses, and food, and getting on a plane somewhere warm and de stressing on the beach. This Christmas I’m off to Cape Verde to the Melía llana for a week of sun, sand and turtles. I’ll be live on Instagram and Facebook so so tune in to watch my relaxing week.

At February I’m hoping to get out to Iceland on a last minute deal for my 30th Birthday. This does all depend on what’s available through. February half-term is generally the cheapest time of year for teachers as many of the holidays are out of sync so some years you can get some bargains! Watch this space and see exactly what I get up to!!

Easter is my holiday with my girls and their children. We jumped on £90 return flight to Málaga in Ryanair’s Black Friday sale. We’ll be staying at the hotel Club la Costa for the week which is a great base to explore the Andalusian coast. One my list for this holiday are Gibraltar, Ronda or Granada. Is there anywhere you suggest I should put on my list?

For my birthday we’re looking at a weekend in Plymouth to watch my beloved Rotherham United play. Towards the end of April.

Our May holiday is a joint big birthday jolly camping to the South of France – if the flights are cheap. My friend has a caravan on a coastal camp site near Béziers where we will hopefully stay the week. If not a log cabin is coming in a close second.

The next holiday is the biggest and depends on when I sell my house to HS2. My plan hopefully is to visit friends in China, Australia and New Zealand before a solo island hop around the South Pacific finishing in Hawaii then coming back through America visiting Yosemite, Yellowstone and Niagara Falls. If I can’t get this up and running a few last minute solo holidays will be in order to fill up the long 6 weeks I have off.

October is when I try to staycation or a short city break. I’m thinking either Scotland or the Lake District with my tent or a Polish excursion or a Barcelona trip. Basically any cheap flight from a local airport and an Airbnb.

Christmas 2018 I’m trying to convince the family to go to Goa in India. With flight now available from Manchester and my family wanting to go it is looking possible. But the price does have to be right. If it stays as low as this year is hopefully up top for contention.

So that’s my 2018 plan? What’s yours? Do you think I should add something? I’d love to hear your plans and be inspired by your choices for those holidays I still have a choice.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!



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