A day trip to Malaga

If you have ever been to the Costa Del Sol you’ll probably know Malaga, and you’ll probably only know it as the place you land before being shipped off to your hotel a few miles down the coast. You’ve probably never thought of visiting there and pick up a trip to Gibraltar because you can. Well I’m about to make sure that the next time you go you’ll take half a day or a day to explore this beautiful city on the Andalusian coast.


We stayed in Benalmadina and took the many buses from outside our hotel to Malaga. The buses run pretty often throughout the day so don’t worry too much getting back. We hoped on the 30 minute bus ride for a mear €3 (correct as of January 2017). If you’re staying in Torremolenos it is more time efficient to get the train €6 (Correct as of January 2017). I’d been to Malaga before but only for a brief stop off at Zara for some work trouses but never got to experience its actual beauty.

We arrived at the bus station to the left of the port. (if you’re coming on the train it is a short work to the main bustle of the city. Come out of the tall building and go over the bridge to your right to the main port.) I had read a few blogs on my way in to get a view of what there was to see. I also had to bear in mind my father was with me so anything artsy was out of the window. We arrived at roughly 9 am just as everything was opening. We headed first for some photos of the beautiful Catedral de la Encarnacion de Malaga, but first I had to show my dad the Calle Marques de larios. It’s a shoppers paradise.


From here we took the winding streets of Malaga to finally come across the Cathedral. It was stood picturesque in the morning sun as it slowly filtered down its facade. It was stunning. We then wondered on to where the Roman Theatre was situated. If you don’t know I’m a huge ancient history geek. I decided not to go in as my dad would have been bored and his comment was ‘why would you want to go in when you can see it all from here!’ I told him it was FREE but he was having none of it!


I did manage to persuade him to go into the Alcazaba to which he didn’t squirm at it made it better when he saw the price €2.20 for me and €0.60 for him (he is a OAP) or you could get access to both the Alcazaba and the castle for €3.55. As we slowly climbed up we were amazed by the beautiful brick work and orange tree-lined tracks that pass all the way up. If you weren’t careful you could easily get lost! with Moroccan influences everywhere and beautiful shrubbery I was in heaven. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I could believe it was real.


We finally got to the top of the Alcazaba only to be disappointed that we had to walk all the way back down again to go up to the castle. We were meters away but had to walk back now this huge hill to go all the way back up. But I was so happy I did the walk up again as the view of the port and all the way along the Costa Del Sol was stunning. To say it was a cold day in December it felt like the hight of summer.

IMG_0883We finally arrived at the top, be had to stop on several occasions, and went into the Castillo de Gibralfaro the pricing was the same as the Alcazaba – an absolute bargain. We decided to walk along the rampart of the castle to get the best views of the city and it did not disappoint. You could see for miles and miles. teamed with even more beautiful shrubbery it was ample photo opportunities. We then headed into some of the towers and their narrow staircases. My dad got stuck so he had to find another way down.



We left after an hour of exploring and hobbled down to the Marina through the Jardines (Garden) de Perdo Louis Alonso where we had to stop and gander at the huge Koi pond. We used to have a pond with Koi when I little. I remember building it with my dad so it was a nice chance to reminisce about the time.

IMG_0867From here we wandered down the beautiful marina front lined with beautiful shops expensive boast and the best view of the Alcazaba and the Castle. We passed the Chapel of Malaga right down to the Farola before heading back along the large built promenade along the marina, passed El Cubo. I was hungry and suggested to dad we stop off at Jose Carlos Garcia (Malaga’s Michelin star restaurant) to be trumped by Macdonald’s. My dad doesn’t like Spanish food. Last time I came here we had coffee and cake opposite the Mercado at la Canasta which was divine. I took my dad after lunch to the Market to show him its beautiful restored ceiling and stained glass window. It was amazing.

From here we took the train back to Torromolinos and walked back along the front all the way to Benalmadina.

I hope you will find some adventures in Malaga.

Kate x






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