Finding paradise

Par –  a – dise

A place of extreme beauty delight and happiness

Where ever you are in the world you must find your own paradise. No ones paradise is the same, we all love different things and different places. To help in the search for yours I thought I should share a few paradises of my own. Remember it is what YOU find beautiful, what brings YOU delight and what makes YOU happy.

My first paradise… The Peaks

I’ve already shared with you one of my favourite parts and told you a little bit about why I love it so much. It is purely beautiful and the brisk wind or sun always blows the cobwebs away and makes me rethink everything. It also may be that I generally go here with my best friend, and we always have a heart to heart. It could be that or it more likely that it’s the hidden beauty hiding round ever corner. I haven’t covered it all but every time I go to a different place I am astounded by what I find. There are hidden gems all around it that just bring me peace and happiness.

My second paradise… Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP)

Now this place I love! I’m an annual pass holder (£55 a year is a bargain and renewal price is £52.50, who wouldn’t!), like most of the people in South Yorkshire, and go 1-2 times a month with friends and family. I love the giraffes there they are so elegant and beautiful. It always takes me back to my childhood being here and that I love. I’m a big kid at heart so bringing back happy childhood memories will always bring me to my paradise, well that the fresh donuts, and my chance to play with the kids on ALL the playgrounds. I’ve also just booked to go feed the giraffes! I’m already getting excited.

My third paradise… the Ocean

No matter where I am on earth I love a good seaside. Whether it’s good old Cleethorpes, a Spanish sunset, or the beautiful blue waters of Akaroa. I have always felt at one by the ocean. I love watching the waves toss and turn and dream about what is going on below. I’m also an avid snorkeler and stash them in my suitcase wherever I go. There is no better feeling than breathing in fresh ocean air and swimming in the sea with all the beautiful fishes. I can’t wait to go back there. I miss you ocean.

Also I’m pretty must Moana…

‘See the light as it shines on the sea? It’s blinding
But no one knows, how deep it goes
And it seems like it’s calling out to me, so come find me
And let me know, what’s beyond that line, will I cross that line?’

My fourth paradise… New York Stadium (NYS)

This is pretty much my second home. I, like my father, am a huge Rotherham United fan and this place was a dream I never thought I would see. Here every other Saturday I get to visit my football family. Spend time with them, celebrate with them and feel the absolute worst with them. We go through it all together but no matter what I look forward to my Saturdays there. It makes me happy – most of the time, it is beautiful – no one can deny the floodlights are stunning, and it has brought me some of the best moments of my life.


My fifth paradise… Disneyland Paris

Yeah I’m pretty much THE biggest kid going. I love this place and EVERYONE comes to me if they’re going for tips. I’m nearly 30 and I’ve been 10 times and I’m planning on my 30th being there. Yes its a bit much but I need to get a new Xmas decoration every year for my tree, and I need to buy more Disney products, and I need to ride on Blue’s Crush Coaster again and again and again and again and again and well you get the picture…


My last paradise… On top of a mountain

This just like being by the sea makes me feel relaxed and at one with the world. I also can’t wait to race down it on my snowboard at breakneck speed. Zoom zoom zoom zoom…

The best bit about it is the view. it simply is breathtaking being on top of a mountain. It doesn’t matter if its covered in snow or not. I still love it. From Kinder Scout to Tignes it is beautiful, peaceful and adventure always awaits on the way down.


I do hope by showing you some of my paradises you will discover yours. Think about this little things that make you happy and figure out where they make you the happiest. Good luck finding your paradise






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