A day trip to SEVILLE


Whist on a family trip to Andalusia over Christmas I couldn’t help but get on a coach and visit Seville. For approximately €35 I got a round trip from Benalmadena which dropped me in the heart of Seville. Most of the tour operators along the main strip sell this trip and they are all put on the same Coach as the ones you can book trough hotel reps. It was a long, beautiful and historical 2 hour trip through the Mountainous region of Andalusia which every now and again plateaued for the large masses of olive plantations, before arriving in the hustle and bustle of the historic city. I decided not to take the tour of the city with the guide but wander around myself – its much more fun. I had only booked the trip a few days before so a quick search of Pinterest I had a few things I needed to see.

1. Plaza de España 

This was top on my list. The Plaza de España is a semicircular sun terrace that has a seating area for all the provinces in Spain with beautiful fountains and bridges that make you feel almost Victorian. Having lived in Spain for three years I had to go take photos of the Spanish provinces I lived in (Canaries and Balearic). The Plaza De España is located just to the south of the centre of the city next to the Parque De María Luisa. It is a free attraction.

From there I returned to the Canal de Alfonson XIII and wondered along to see the impressive Torre del Oro and past the bull ring before cutting into the cobbled side streets of Seville all lined with gorgeous Orange trees. Their smell of organges really does hit you from time to time. After wandering through the tiny side streets I finally ended up at my next destination

2. Alameda de Hercules

Being a classical history buff this was something I was not going to miss. Inside the Alameda are two columns from the remains of the Roman temple of Mármoles. On top of the two original columns stand replicas of Hercules, who is the mythical founder of Seville, and Julius Ceaser. The Alameda also has 2 othe columns, replicas, many fountains, plenty of seating, and is lined with shops and stores, as well as being a short walk from a lot of other places to visit, if you have the time. It was here I picked up a bite to eat and made my way back towards the centre of Seville, I did only have a few hours left and lots more to see. From here I wandered back into the cultural centre and onto my next stop.

3. Metro Parasol & Antiquarium

Another one for the classical history lovers. Before I climbed to the top of the Metro Parasol there was something lurking underneath it which was much more interesting to me. The Antiquarium was discovered when excavation was done for a car park. Obviously this was haulted when the remains of the Roman food preservation factory was found. Its a mear €2 to get in and is well worth the visit especially for the insitu mosaics that remain. They truly are beautiful. From here I headed straight to the top of the Metro Parasol. For €3 and a free drink from the bar at the top it was well worth it. You could see all the sights of Seville that I couldn’t see in my limited time. The headline photo of this blog was taken by myself from up there and I really wished I had longer so I could come back and watch the sunset. But unfortunately I had to go.


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From here I headed back towards our meeting point in the south side of the city where the streets are lined with oranges and hourse and carts are parading all round the streets. I stopped briefly at the chirstmas market in Plaza Nueva before making my way to the Alcázar.

4. Real Alcázar de Seville

Right first things first. Buy tickets online!!! I had to wait 1 hour and a half to get to the front of the queue and had to leave. Yep leave. I had to meet my tour group. I was gutted. It was only when I got to the front that I saw the none existant line for online and tour tickets. I was fuming! Not only was I fuming that I didn’t get in it also meant I couldn’t go inside the Catedral de Seville either. I did get a lovely view of it for 1 1/2 hours though. Sorry I couldn’t review this but at least you and I have learnt a valuable and productive lesson. Price to get in €9.50

But I’ve not finished. On our walk to pick up our coach we were escorted throught some wonderful side streets that are certianly worth a mention. We walked through the Patio de Banderas and followed the walled garden of the Alcázar where we turned sharpley into the Jardines de Murillo which houses the monument to Christopher Columbus where we met our coach. And our tour guide wasn’t finished yet. On our way out of the city we passed parts of the Canos de Carmona which is a Roman aquaduct conecting Seville to Carmona. Little history buff inside of me was well impressed!

So overall Seville was beautiful and I really didn’t have enough time. I would certainly go again but for a weekend and see much more than my whistle stop tour, especially sunset on the Metro Parasol. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read and I’ve given you some good advice. Enjoy Seville.


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